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Terms and conditions of use

The Eu Digo X website is maintained and published by INSTITUTO BUKO KAESEMODEL, (“INSTITUTO”), a non-profit and non-economic civil association, with no political or religious purpose, headquartered at 711 Comendador Araújo Street, Batel, Zip code 80.420-000, in the City of Curitiba, State of Paraná, registered with the CNPJ under the number 08.925.824/0001-84, who intends to provide information and content, in various formats, about the Fragile X Syndrome (“Fragile X”), bringing greater knowledge to those who somehow relate to it, and it is available at

Registration on the website aims to provide users with more information about Fragile X, support and direct them to specialized institutions, projects, and social actions, participation in studies, among other purposes indicated in its Privacy Policy. 

The website is operated by BE ONLINE SERVIÇOS DE INTERNET LTDA., headquartered at 4698 Sete de Setembro Avenue – Room 703, Batel, Zip code 80.420-000, in the City of Curitiba, State of Paraná, registered with the CNPJ under No. 11.653 .286/0001-20.


Given the commitment assumed by the INSTITUTE to ensure the quality and safety in all operations on the website, we have carefully developed these Terms and Conditions of Use (“Term”) so that the user (“You”) is aware of the general conditions of the website.

Furthermore, the content of this Term must be analyzed together with our Privacy Policy.

Both this Term and the Privacy Policy mentioned above will be available for consultation at any time on the website and may be obtained upon request through the email Such documents may be periodically modified/updated, unilaterally and without prior notice, due to any improvement in the website’s functionalities or compliance with applicable legal standards. As a result, it is recommended that You consult them from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may be made. We emphasize that your consent to this Term may be revoked at any time by contacting the INSTITUTE through the email indicated above, which will imply the termination of your registration. If you do not agree with any of the changes, you must refrain from using the website for the purposes that require registration.



    1. To register on the website, You must be legally capable, following Brazilian law. If you are 16 (sixteen) to 18 (eighteen) years old or if for some reason you are permanently or temporarily unable to exercise your civic responsibilities, you can register provided that you are assisted/represented by your parents or by your legal representatives, both when registering and accessing the website.
    2. To register, this Term and the Privacy Policy must be read in full, and if you agree with its content, click on the checkbox provided for this purpose, in each of the documents. With these measures, You will demonstrate your free, express, and informed acceptance, without any reservations, of the entire content of this document. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions described herein, you must refrain from registering and, consequently, from using the functions provided on the website.
    3. With this registration, you will be able to count directly on the assistance and support of the INSTITUTE, to obtain more information about Fragile X, access links to specialized institutions, projects and social actions, participate in studies, among other purposes indicated in this Term and in the Privacy Policy.
    4. To register on the website, you will be asked to provide personal data, including sensitive data, also by answering questions. All personal data and information requested are made available through this [LINK] and treated following the Privacy Policy. If the data required on this link is changed, You will be immediately notified via your registered email to provide any additional data, if you are interested in keeping your registration.
    5. With your acceptance and registration, You authorize the INSTITUTE to use the information provided, or other information that may be eventually and voluntarily provided by participating in interviews or meetings, in person or not, to share them with companies and/or partner and supporting institutions, public or private, subject to the sharing rules in the Privacy Policy, with the sole purpose of generating statistical data, promoting knowledge, social inclusion and legal protection; enabling actions and projects that aim to benefit you. With your acceptance and registration, you will be able to participate in research carried out by the INSTITUTE related to Fragile X, without the need to sign new terms of specific consent or authorization for such companies and/or partner and supporting institutions;
    6. If the personal data provided is that of a child (age up to 12 years old), one of the parents or the legal guardian gives, at the time of acceptance, their consent so that the INSTITUTE can deal with the information strictly following this Term and for the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy. By registering, you can authorize the INSTITUTE to send newsletters, news, and other communications related to Fragile X to the electronic address (e-mail and WhatsApp) you provided when registering on the INSTITUTE’s website. You may revoke this authorization at any time, by requesting this via e-mail at or via the link “unsubscribe” at the end of the newsletter.
    7. The acceptance to this Term and its subsequent amendments, including the request to unsubscribe from newsletters, will be registered by the INSTITUTE, as well as the date and time when these actions were taken. This information may be used by the INSTITUTE as proof that the Term and its amendments have been accepted or requested by You.
    8. If You do not agree with any changes to this Term of the registration form or simply wish to terminate your registration, You may unsubscribe by requesting your registration to be deleted via e-mail: contato@institutobk
    9. You commit to provide, at the time of registration or when requested, truthful and complete data and information. In this way, You guarantee the authenticity of all the data provided, being solely and exclusively responsible in the civil and criminal scope for any damages and/or losses that the INSTITUTE or third parties may incur, resulting from this inaccurate or untrue information.
    10. 1.10.Under no circumstances will the INSTITUTE be responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided. If the INSTITUTE identifies any registration based on false, incomplete, mistaken, erroneous, misleading information, or that does not correspond to the identity of the person responsible or represented, the INSTITUTO may reject the registration request, automatically delete the user.
    11. When accepting this Term, You also commit to keeping all your information constantly updated, to always reflect your real information.
    12. 1.12.The INSTITUTE may, at its sole discretion, use all valid and possible means to confirm your identity and age, as well as request additional data and documents that it deems relevant to confirm the personal data you provided, not having, however, any obligation in this regard.
    1. By accepting this Term, You, or if you are a legal representative, declare: (i) that you are considered criminally imputable and civilly capable under Brazilian law; (ii) that you are aware that you may not use the website for any purpose other than those provided for in this Term; (iii) that you are aware that you will not be able to distribute any content that is illegal or contrary to ethical and proper practice, or capable of violating the rights of third parties; (iv) that you are aware that you must not upload any material that has viruses or other harmful elements on the website, or that damages the INSTITUTE’s and/or third parties’ system; (v) that you will use the website only for lawful purposes, recognizing that you are solely and exclusively responsible for the use you attribute to the website, exempting the INSTITUTE from any liability for any damage or loss arising therefrom.
    2. Concerning personal data provided by You and processed by the INSTITUTE, You may request, at any time: (I) confirmation of data processing; (ii) access to data; (iii) correction of data; (iv) anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or processed data in violation of Law No. 13.709/2018 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); (v) data portability to another service or product provider; (vi) deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the owner, except in the cases mentioned in art. 16 of the GDPR; (vii) information on the entities with which the INSTITUTE shared data; (viii) information about the possibility of not providing consent and its consequences; (ix) revocation of consent, at any time upon express manifestation by You, through the email
    1. Regarding all content and material available on the website, such as texts, illustrations, images, photographs, videos, applications, databases, networks, files, and any other copyrighted and intellectual creations You acknowledge that:
      1. 3.1.1.They are the exclusive property of the INSTITUTE or of a third party, which allowed their use on the website, protected by laws and international treaties, including Laws 9,609/98, 9,610/98, and 9,279/96 so that copying, reproducing, or using them in any other way will subject the violators to the corresponding civil and criminal sanctions.
      2. 3.1.2.They may not be used, copied, modified, reproduced, published, licensed, transmitted, exploited, or disposed of, without prior written consent from the INSTITUTE, in any way and by any means, under penalty of violation of intellectual property rights.
    2. You are also aware that all brands, trade names, or logos of all kinds available on the website are the property of the INSTITUTE or a third party that has recognized and allowed its use; using the website and/or any registering does not mean you have authorization to cite or use such trademarks, trade names and logos.
    1. The INSTITUTE commits to doing everything possible so that access to the website and its features are provided at all times. However, it cannot guarantee the total absence of failures, interruptions, outages, and even security flaws. If this happens, the INSTITUTE commits to take all appropriate measures so that the services return to normal operation in the shortest possible time.
    2. The occurrence of the situations described above is considered normal, and the INSTITUTE is not liable for any problems, losses, or damages resulting from the aforementioned facts.
    1. The INSTITUTE has no obligation regarding the service, guidance, and diagnosis that may be presented by the companies and/or partner and supporting institutions, being, therefore, exempt from any responsibility in this regard.
    1. All communication from You to the INSTITUTE will be considered valid when directed to our official communication channel at
    2. Complaints, questions, and suggestions made via e-mail or directly through the platform, through the “CONTACT US” page, will be answered within 5 business days.
    3. All communications from the INSTITUTE to You will be considered valid and effective when made through the means of contact provided by You when registering on the website.
    1. Access to the website is available to You for an indefinite period, and the INSTITUTE may discontinue the website at any time, regardless of prior notice, and no compensation is due to You for this reason.
    1. This document is governed by Brazilian law. Any clause or condition of this Term that, for any reason, can be considered null or ineffective by any court or tribunal, will not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Term, which will remain fully valid and binding, generating effects to their fullest extent. The Central Forum of the District of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba / PR is chosen to resolve any questions, issues, or disputes arising from this Term, both parties declining any other forum, however privileged it may be.
    2. Without detriment to any other administrative or judicial appeal, all personal data holders are entitled to submit a complaint to the National Personal Data Protection Authority (“ANPD”).

Curitiba, March 9, 2021

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