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Due to the problems confronted and the personal experience of IBK members, we recognized the need for a project aimed at people affected by the Fragile X Syndrome.

The Eu Digo X Project, now known as the Eu Digo X Program, was created to provide information about the Fragile X Syndrome, expand knowledge, and sensitize the population, in addition to promoting support and assistance in the prevention processes, tracking, diagnosis, education, social inclusion, and legal support, seeking partnerships with the public and private entities.

What is it?

Fragile X Syndrome is little known and incurable, but it is treatable. Learn more about it!

How to Recognize

Fragile X Syndrome has greatly varied symptoms and indicators that are not necessarily always present. Pay attention!


It is very important to have the correct diagnosis. Do you know how the diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome is established?


If you have someone in the family with a positive or initial diagnosis of FXS, fill out our registration form

Prevention and Treatment

The symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome can be treated and its transmission can be prevented through genetic counseling.

Genetics ans Transmission

Fragile X Syndrome is inherited and is caused by the mutation of a gene responsible for producing a protein that regulates the development of the central nervous system.


Check out our Fragile X Syndrome booklet!

A Nicette Bruno  supports the Eu Digo X program

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