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The correct diagnosis is very important since symptoms are similar to those of other disorders that involve intellectual development.

The test result is obtained through DNA analysis and must be performed when the physical and behavioral characteristics already mentioned are accompanied by intellectual disability.

Currently, there are two techniques for establishing the diagnosis:

– PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
– Southern Blot


HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE:  The Molecular Analysis for Fragile X Syndrome is part of the ANS Procedures List, a list of health procedures whose coverage is guaranteed. For more information,click here!!

FOR THOSE WITH NO HEALTH INSURANCE: The Buko Kaesemodel Institute can assist in reaching the diagnosis by offering subsidies or paying for tests, depending on the socio-economic analysis of the families as well as the economic capacity of the Institute at the time.

More Information:

What is It?

Fragile X Syndrome is little known and incurable, but it is treatable. Learn more about it!

How to Recognize

Fragile X Syndrome has greatly varied symptoms and indicators that are not necessarily always present. Pay attention!

Prevention and Treatment

The symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome can be treated and its transmission can be prevented through genetic counseling.

Genetics and Trasmission

Fragile X Syndrome is inherited and is caused by the mutation of a gene responsible for producing a protein that regulates the development of the central nervous system.

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