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The transmission of Fragile X Syndrome can be prevented through genetic counseling.

Couples with a family history of FXS can have their DNAs genetically analyzed and, once the mutation is located, in vitro fertilization can be done to prevent it from being passed on to future generations.

For this reason, it is very important to establish an accurate diagnosis, especially when it comes to the first case identified in the family.



After the diagnosis of the syndrome, it is important to start treatment immediately, which does not lead to a cure but helps to improve the quality of life of the affected person and the family.

Some more pronounced symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, and depression (which cannot be interpreted in isolation as specific symptoms of the syndrome) can be treated with appropriate medication.

Pedagogical and psychological support tends to improve school performance.

Some therapies such as speech therapy and occupational therapy can lead to a healthier social life.

More Information:

What is It?

What is It?

Fragile X Syndrome is little known and incurable, but it is treatable. Learn more about it!

How to Recognize

How to Recognize

Fragile X Syndrome has greatly varied symptoms and indicators that are not necessarily always present. Pay attention!



It is very important to have the correct diagnosis. Do you know how the diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome is established?

Genetics and Transmission

Genetics and Transmission

Fragile X Syndrome is inherited and is caused by the mutation of a gene responsible for producing a protein that regulates the development of the central nervous system.

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